Component 2: Technical Application's Market

Task 1: Identify two companies and one product produced by each company that directly relate to the NCT technical application your team has selected

1) Solix Biofuels is a company which converts algae into usable energy. Their product, the Lumian™ AGS4000 is an integrated, flexible algae growth system utilizing Solix's proprietary, floating photobioreactor panels (Lumian panels) to provide a high productivity growth environment for the outdoor cultivation and evaluation of algae species. It is also the premier system for providing an inoculum source of clean culture for larger growth systems. The Lumian AGS4000 combines the Solix Algae Growth System (AGS™) with a fully integrated support system for media preparation, harvesting, reinjection and system cleaning thus affording a complete, integrated solution for growing and harvesting algae.

Growth System:

-Twenty 200 liter Lumian panels, divided into two groups, for a total culture capacity of 4000 liters

-Inoculum expansion lane with two 14 liter panels and six 28 liter panels

-Dual air and CO2 headers for independent control of the two sets of Lumian panels

Compact Support System Trailer:

-Media preparation system for creating custom media and nutrient blends

-Dosing tank for accurate culture transfer

-Harvesting tank for collection of culture

-Integrated Clean In Place (CIP) system.

-The integrated support system can support up to 6 AGS systems or 24,000 liters of algal culture

-Proprietary control system for programmable sparge timing, automated dosing of CO2 and alarm notifications

- These panels help the algae grow faster and produce more ethanol during photosynthesis.

Oilgae is one of the most well- known brands in the biofuels industry since 2007. This company wants to discover the enormous potential offered by algae as a biofuels industry. They built a tubular photobioreactor to store raw bio ethanol in to avoid contaminations from the external environment. Tubular photobioreactors consist of straight, coiled or looped transparent tubing arranged in various ways for maximizing sunlight capture. Properly designed tubular photobioreactors completely isolate the culture from potentially contaminating external environments, hence, allowing extended duration monoalgal culture.

Task 2: Identify one professional association or trade organization associated with the products your team identified. Include: its name, description of its mission, and number of people/companies involved.

1) Lumian™ AGS4000

• Renewable fuels Association was the trade organization that was associated with this product and promoted it.

Tubular photobioreactors

This photobio reactor was developed in the labs of oilgae under the supervision of many expert scientists in association with International Trade association who promite the trade of ethanol by develoing the matketing tools to transform ethanol fuel into a worldwide commodity.

Task Three: Propose and describe a new product or new process based on your team's NCT technical application.

After doing a significant amount of research on algae and their characteristics, we stumbled upon an article which claimed that scientists have proved that blue- green algae, during photosynthesis, produces ethanol as a waste product which is later excreated by the plant into the soil. Our process is to use this ethanol produced from the intercellular photosynthetic process in cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) which will be collected by closed photobioreactors as a dilute ethanol-in-water solution, and purified to fuel grade ethanol. Since ethanol evaporates easily, we need a place with a lot of sunshine. When the sun seeps through and evaporates the fuel, the ethanol can be collected in these closed photobio- reactors. Later it condenses in this container. They will be stored in the photobio- reactor until they are sent for purification.

A photobioreactor is a bioreactor that incorporates some type of light source to provide photonic energy input into the reactor. We are using photo bio reactors because they prevent/ minimize the amount of contamination and they also prevent water evaporation and ensure a safe storage or raw ethanol until they are purified.

Task 4: Via the Internet, locate a company that might be able to manufacture your team’s proposed product. Send the company an e-mail asking that someone in the company evaluate the product your team proposed. If your team is not able to obtain a response to your inquiry, provide on your website an example of the e-mail request you sent and the names of manufacturers to whom you sent the request.

Company: Exxonmobil

Company: Bio- Ethanol Agro Industries